2015 was a hard year guys, I really don't want to sugar coat it. 

I had a lot of change, I had things get thrown up in the air that I never thought would, I doubted myself, I was humbled immensely. 

On my birthday this year (which always seems to be a turning/breaking point for me) I decided that I wanted to do something to make 2016 special, I wanted to do something that would inspire me and hopefully do the same for others. I was plagued by the realization that I had made very, very little in 2015. I had focused on getting a job, getting myself back on my feet financially (and later emotionally) and had not made anything. And that freaked me the hell out. 

So for all of next year I decided to do a project that forces me to create. To expand my horizons and let go of my fear of failure and obsession with perfectionism. To make stuff that may be shitty and half-baked, but still exists. Which is better than stuff that doesn't exist. 

I'm embarking on a project which will (hopefully, God-willing) lead to 12 shorts at the end of the year, with 2 solo projects and 10 collaborations with people who inspire me, challenge me, love me, and encourage me, and that's what I want to BE MY YEAR. I'll be chronicling the ups and downs on here and I would love for you to participate in it with me. 

Or at least watch whatever crap comes out of this mess. 

see you on the other side.