Where We're At


I told myself that I would try to stay more vigilant about relaying things as they come up, but who has time for that. (cue swt.brn). 

As of today, about 70% of the short has been filmed, and we're shooting the rest tomorrow night. We would have finished everything in one night but we got rained out and had to cut things a little short. Before I continue on about filming, though, let's talk about the Writing Process, a.k.a. MEET MY BRAND NEW FEARS. 

I've written some things before, okay, but don't get me wrong: They were always dumb. I do not think of myself as a writer by nature so this little short was a struggle. I wrote it right off the bat, as soon as it was January. I think I had the rough draft done by the 3rd. I pushed it around a little, tried to get some people on board, and next thing I know it's the 10th. I hadn't really gotten much feedback and we were shooting on the 15th. 

....then the feedback rolled in. 

It wasn't pretty. It was all valid, but it wasn't pretty. It was the first time (in a long time) I felt ripped apart like that. I listened to EVERY SINGLE bad voice in my head that told me I should just drop what I was doing and give up because I had no where good to go from here. While the feedback wasn't all negative, all the stuff that was negative where pretty big problems, and reminded me of where I'm really at. I'm back to being a novice again. I'm back where I began pre-film school. I mean, I know a few things, I've been through the ringer, but as a person I feel right back where I began. Maybe even farther back because of all the disillusionment I feel about the industry, being an adult, and what I want to do with my life. 

It was a rough couple days. 

Thankfully my good friend Nolan gave me good constructive feedback that helped me get back on my feet a little. I was able to quickly through together a new draft (3 new drafts actually) and not give up hope for at least making this month happen. The final draft wasn't anywhere near perfect, but it was much better than what it was originally. LESSON LEARNED: LISTEN TO CRITICISM/ DON'T GIVE UP HOPE SO EASILY YOU NUMBSKULL. 

While all this was happening I was also trying to get together all the props/wardrobe/etc., which was a nightmare in and of itself. Especially when you don't have an art department. My dear friend Brittany Suzuki made so much happen for me though, and I would have been around 1000x more stressed without her. THANKS BRID. Here are some photos from the pre-production time.

As for the filming, I won't complain. It was a looooooong night, but I had people come from out of the woodworks to help and I couldn't be more grateful. It was a whirlwind (I'm still a little tired) but overall it was a success, simply because it happened. My actors did a phenomenal job, and it was truly an honor to see young talent work. As mentioned earlier, we did get rained out and had to cut a bunch of stuff out, which is actually totally fine. It worked out, we still have more time, and the month isn't up. We're going through footage tomorrow (before we shoot the rest) so I'll have plenty more to say I'm sure. Here is some fun stuff from production night:

I probably should have taken a lot more, but I was a little in the zone. 

In short: this project is already harder than expected but I am so glad I'm doing it. It's challenging me, and it's humbling me. I needed this. I'm feeling afraid/ready for what's next.