Counting Coup

The time has finally come. I realized that I'm the only person who would say "finally" after working on a short for a month, but it feels valid to me right now OK. The process felt long, but it made me appreciate each day for the opportunity it presented to be productive. And for that I'm grateful. 

While it's not perfect or polished (or color graded) I'm proud of this little piece. I think it sums up how I felt at a certain time in my life, when I was seeking closure on a lot of things that were a part of me but that I wanted to rid myself of. It was nice to transport myself back mentally (at least only for a month) to a time when the past seemed more complicated than the future. While I definitely can't say that fits me now, it's important to remember where you start so that you can see the growth in the long run--which I guess is sort of what this project is all about. 

I had to pick up many of the post-production pieces for this short which is absolutely not my strong suit, so my goal of "doing January on my own" sort of came true. I definitely had to put on hats I wasn't planning on, and my results are far from what I wanted. But the biggest lesson I've learned this month is to let go of original expectations are just accept things for what they are. And also just to shut up and keep working.

 I couldn't be more grateful for the people who helped me though, especially Nathaniel Kohfield (the DP), Kelsey and Ronny (The actors and my newly found muses), Nolan Goff (who saved my butt and was patient with me through rewrites), and Brittany Suzuki (crafter extraordinaire). I truly couldn't have done it without you guys, and i'm so thankful for your friendship and talent. 

Alright, I'm gonna stop qualifying this project and just leave it for what it is. Except one last little things to help understand the title:

Hope you enjoy!