Production & Post

I'm not sure why I thought blogging would be so easy for this project. It's really not. I'm doing SO much phone chatting, emailing, alone-time writing, and wandering-around-my-street-shoeless-thinking that the mental reminder to blog comes and goes too quickly. 

There are some definite things that I need to catch up on: 

1.) Our shoot day/ Audio day is complete. The process for this month (and the idea) was much more free form and simple than last month. It took a lot more work to get there, talking things out with Rachel VERY regularly. Like pretty much every night for the first two weeks of February. The shoot day was a blur, but so much fun overall. This month the stars of the show (quite literally) are my family; my two little cousins (Jade & Jordan), My Aunt and my Grandmother all contributed their faces, hands, and Tuesday afternoons to this project. I couldn't be more grateful. Besides the fact that I love them and it was great to be with them in this capacity for the day, it was also so special to have us all together being a part of something that really is about us. It's a very family-centric story and was inspired by them in so many ways. It's almost surreal to have them as a part of it. It's also special because I have very little material that I've made with my family in it. It's always pulling teeth to get them to be in front of the camera. This time was completely different. They were more than compliant, they were active and excited participants. It meant so much to me, and I think they all knew how important this project is to me. 

As for directing with one of my best friends, it was pretty amazing. Rachel is so different than I am, and was so calm under the stress of the day. She also has this way of understanding intimate, delicate moments in a way that I've yet to understand. She knew exactly how to get my family to understand the delicacy in a way I definitely struggle with. She said things like "gently roll the fabric in your hands" and was able to get across exactly what she wanted it to look like. I struggle with those soft, delicate, intangible moments. I feel so lucky to see how she handled that....and I took plenty of notes. 

All-in-all, the day was a huge success. My family is full of troopers and Rachel and Nathaniel were on it all day. I'm so happy it went as smoothly as it did (and I can't wait to share the images, they're pretty damn beautiful.)

Here are some photos from the day: